Thursday, January 24, 2008


How many times have you started a project and then frogged it because the yarn and the project just didn't talk to each other? Ok, that's not unusual, but how many times did you frog one that was working to start the yarn in a NEW project? Ah, that start-itis. I did it here.

Started doing another "snuggle" with the Reality Bachelor, but "fell" across Berroco's Prudence-Easy vest pattern and, it just had to be. More confirmation is, I'm almost finished with the back and haven't been bouncing around WIPs since I started it. Sat in "Le Doc-tor's" office today feeling lousy and realized I'd just knitted about 5 rows of it with my eyes closed and my head propped against the wall dozing. Even better .... no oopsies in those 5 rows.

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